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Welcome to Edge Island!

Unfortunately you are stranded here. But hey! At least the weather seems pleasant!

Inspiration for the game came from Genshin Impact, made by the developers miHoYo.
It started with wanting to recreate the grass in the game but eventually spun off into recreating many other thing in the game after it got increased attention from my Instagram page. 

By definition, this isn't your traditional game. There are no enemies to fight, bosses to kill or really any objective at all, just to enjoy the utopia I've created. Sunny sky, vibrant and lush greenery, mountains around you and a little red fox to accompany you on your stay here.

This game could go a lot pf places, adding a goal would be a wonderful start. But I don't intend on doing that anytime soon, I'll only release updates to make the game run better on more PCs.

System Requirements:

CPUi5-4430 or any Quad Core CPU
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 750
AMD Radeon HD 7770
Storage1 GB available space


Edge Island Windows Release 314 MB

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