A downloadable asset pack


Like seriously, use this for whatever! Even make money off it or whatever you want to do with it!

So this is the first time I'm trying out making a pixel art character.

I wanted to make him resemble some of my favorite indie game characters, with the main one for this character being Hollow Knight.

The cloak seems like a such a cool thing to have on sprites, don't you think so too?


The character is 32x32 resolution, although I feel like it would still fit a 16x16 game.


MoonMan_Idle_Spritesheet.png 1 kB
moonman_attack_spritesheet.png 1 kB
moonman_run.png 1 kB
moonman_idle2.png 717 bytes

Development log


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Can I use this for a game jam?

Absolutely! No credit required, and commercial usage is allowed as well. Good luck on the game jam!

Hi! by any chance could you make a up and down movement spritesheet for this character? I want to use it in a top-down game i'm making. Thank you for making this character!


Hallo! Been a while hasn't it? I was busy the last week but I'm back now! How you been doing?

I am making a game and a "Entertainment game", I don't know the proper term. I'd like to ask if you want to collab with the "Entertainment game." Hope you reply and I wish you a nice day.

Sure! What're we doing on this game?

Can we talk about this in discord? Heres is the link: https://discord.gg/MP3HRMypPA